Saturday, 19 September 2015

Reviews Best Hosting

First of all I'm going to bash HostGator, I'm being straight forward to everyone here and not going to turn you round and round like those affiliated on Google mention there are the #1 of the Top 10, and why?

Because HostGator pay them $50 for each sales received. Some likely more than $100 per sales when you have over xxx of member per month. Stunning right? That's what affiliate does, they just show you best support, best server, best price, then #1 and then "Sign up now" link there.

First of all HostGator is truly a great hosting server before 2011(back before EIG bought them off). But soon after they were purchase by EIG, many people started to complain how bad how worst are them now. Slow support, slow server, "unlimited gimmick". You might not believe what am I saying now is true but here's a query of quick Google Search of what I'm mentioning about.

Unlimited disk storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited file count are all fake! I mean read properly what did they said on their Terms and Condition. They will terminate your account when you send mass traffic to them. And you gonna becareful of paying 6 month of 12 month bill. Be wiser, pay month by month.

By the way, they do not support Prosper202, for that they don't have Memcache enable, and do not support MySQL partitioning.

Installing Prosper202 on BlueHost VPS

Okay done I believe you so what hosting should I pick next, arvixe, justhost, bluehost?
NO! ALl of them have been bought by EIG, trust me those "Top 10" on Google are just a bunch of affiliate trying to game the market. The truth is, if you want to pick a good hosting, you need to do some research on

But if you're lazy of doing some research, here are some of my favorite hosting.

1. Beyond Hosting.
They are rated as the best, quick, blazing fast VPS server that deliver your content in a glimpse of an eye blink (10ms). But they are costy, the smallest package.... $25

2. A Small Orange
My personal favorite, here's my experienced with them, I bought a shared server from them with just $5, I have been using for 6 month now and haven't changed or decided to change hosting yet. Because they are just certainly better than I expected, I mean $5! You can have speed, great support, and they tolerate website like adults. But that's not my concern, my concern. Here's my page loading speed and how much traffic my Prosper202 can handle without getting "Suspended Notice" like HostGator did. They are capable with Prosper202 so, I'm a fan of them, $5. Ain't bad at all.

Loading speed with ASO ($5 Shared Host)

Prosper202 Popunder Traffic Stat
3. FreshRoastedHosting
FRH is a another great host that not going to con your money but giving you their best top notch service. I can't tell better than a picture tell. Here's a speed subscribing a $10 shared host.
95 Score! A simple landing page that takes only 623ms to load.

3ms to connect to my blog!

In my opinion, if you're on budget, pick ASO, if you're seeking on spending big money on traffic, get Beyond Hosting. Any of the hosting listed here are worth your try.

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